Transit of Mercury - May 7. 2003

This was the first of 14 transits of Mercury to take place during the 21st century (and first in my life :). I observe this event with my friend Mirko Knezic.

Mirko Knezic and C9.25

Telescope setup for observing and imaging



Start of the virtually Mercury transits "over" Sun. Mercury real diameter is 4800 km, 300x smaller than diameter of the Sun.

Obtained through a Celestron 9,25 on Phillips Vesta Pro web camera (5:36 UT - 23 minutes after first Mercury contact with Sun).


Middle of the Mercury transit (8:50UT).

Imaging through a Celestron 102mm/f5 refractor and Pixcel 237 CCD camera.



End of the Mercury transit.(10:27 UT). Mercury is only with one "foot" over Sun :).


Video of the last 40 minutes compressed in 10 second.

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