Comet C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR)

IAUC 7546 (December 20, 2000) and MPEC 2000-Y20 (December 20, 2000) announced the discovery of C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR) that has the potential to reach naked-eye brightness at the end of 2001 and in early 2002. This comet was just 18th magnitude when picked up LINEAR 1-meter telescope in New Mexico.

I take this images on through Celestron refractor 102mm/f:5 on Pixcel 237 CCD camera.

November 17. 2001

Left: Image is composed of 4 x 15 second exposures. Right: Tri-color ccd image composed of (4) 15 second exposures each of red, green, and blue.Magnitude at this time was 7.4 (SkyMap Pro 7)

November 25. 2001

Left: Image is taken on Nov 25, 2001 18:43 UT , 120 second exposure. Right: RGB image taken on Nov. 25, 2001 18:39 UT. Each of red, green, and blue images are exposed 60 second. Magnitude at this time was 6.4.

December 10. 2001

Left: Linear WM1 at 17:57 UT through a Celestron refractor 102mm/f:5 on Pixcel 237 CCD, 200 second exposure - 10x20 second Track and Accumulate.

Right: 18:42 UT, 450 second exposure - 30x15 second Track and Accumulate (autoguide on comet head).


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