Comet C/2001 A2 (LINEAR)

This long period comet had a perihelion (the position, in an orbit around the Sun, which is closest to the Sun) date of May 24.and magnitude 5. I have catch it on my vacation on Adriatic See. Images are obtained thorough a C8 with Meade Focal Reducer at f3,3 (fl 670mm) on Pixcel 237 CCD using Track and Accumulate.

Animated gif of C/2001 A2

Image are consist of 4 images between August 08. 23h 59m UT and August 09. 00h 37m UT

August 06. 2001

Magnitude of comet was 7,7 and distance from Earth 0.60 AU. North is left up.(15x12 second exposure)

August 09. 2001.

Magnitude of the comet was 8.0 and distance from Earth 0.64 AU. North is left.( 112 sec exposure).



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