Telescope & Equipment

Since September 2002, observations and images are made with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope Celestron 9,25 (235mm/2350mm) on Losmandy GM 8 mount. Mount is computerized with SkyWizard. As second telescope I use refractor Megrez 80/f6 triplet fluorite APO. I use it primary for astrophotography.

For wide-field astrophotography there are 200mm/f:3,5 and 300mm/f:4 Telephoto lenses. In some occasion helpful is Sony DCR TRV355 Digital8 video camera.

Other Accessories include Radial Guider, Micro Guide Eyepiece, Celestron Focal Reducer f/6,3 ; Meade f3,3 Reducer, TeleVue Powermate 5x, eyepiece Celestron Ultima 35mm, Plosl 25 and 10mm, SLR Pentax SP 1000 and Minolta Dynax 404si SLR cameras.



Since 1999. i made some serious CCD imaging with Celestron/SBIG Pixcel 237 CCD camera. In August 2006. I purchase Starlight Xpress SXVF M8C, single shot 4Mp CCD camera and use it as my primary deep-sky camera.

I make some images with Canon EOS 300D DSLR camera, ad later I use EOS350D. This two are very suitable digital camera for astrophotography and i will recommended it to all.

You can also see my telescope setup before C9,25.


Telescope setup before September 2004 with Celestron refractor C102/f5.

Up: Photographic setup - Pentax SP 1000 attached on Celestron Radial Guider.

Right: setup for CCD imaging - Meade Focal Reducer/ Field Flattener reduces the main telescope's focal ratio from f/10 to f/3.3 and permits fast CCD imaging (reduces CCD exposure times by up to 80%).





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