Telescope & Equipment

Main setup since 2011 is Celestron EdgeHD 9,25 with "piggybacked" refractor William Optics FLT 98/618mm, f6,3 triplet fluorite APO.

Maybe you dont beleive but Celestron CGEM is cappable enough to carry this weight.

WO FLT98 has stunning optics : air spaced triplet f6.3 designed by leading Russian designer with FPL-53 glass. DDG (Digidal Display Gauge) focuser enable focusing easy and precise.

View through a telescope is sharp and has great color correction make it ideal for astrophotography.




Setup for astroimaging.

Collection of eyepiece and Barlows:

Back row: WO field flattener/reducer IV 0,8x; TeleVue powermate Barlow 5x; OPT ED 2x Barlow; TeleVue 0,8x field flattener/reducer.

Front row: eyepiece Celestron 10mm Plosl; Soligor 25mm Plosl; celestron OMNI 20mm Plosl; Celestron 35mm Ultima series; Celestron Axiom XL 23mm, 2 inch.

Former telescope and equipment

Since 2010, my primary telescope is Celestron EdgeHD 9,25 (235mm/fl 2350mm) on Celestron CGEM mount.

Triplet fluorite APO refractor, William Optics Megrez 80mm/f6, I mostly use for astrophotography.

I discover CCD world of digital photography since 1999. First camera was Celestron/SBIG Pixcel 237. Later, my primary CCD camera become Starlight Xpress SXVF M8C 4Mp "one-shot" color CCD camera.

Since 2011. my favorite camera is SBIG ST8300C , "one-shot" 8,3Mp CCD camera. As autoguider I use QHY5C. I use also Canon DSLR EOS 500D.

You can see my past configuration: Celestron 8 and i "old" Celestron 9,25.

Up: Celestron 9,25 EdgeHD with WO Megrez 80/480mm triplet fluorite APO and Celestron CGEM mount.

Right: CGEM mount on permanent pier.


Celestron AXIOM LX eyepiece 23mm come together with C9,25 OTA.
SBIG ST-8300C CCD in action.

Setup for CCD imaging.
Portable setup for vacation. Main scope is William Optics 80/480, as guider Skywatcher 70/500.




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