Finally, a one-year project is close to the end ! On this page you will see first Croatian Amateur and Personal Observatory build with big help of my father and my friend who make my 20 year dream come true (1999)!

Observatory dome was build in my town by company Get information or contact company "METALIS" Donja Stubica . On the picture is main engineer Mr. Juraj Franjkovic who takes all credits for construction and realization of this project.

Diameter of the dome is 2,80 m and from outside is cover with copper.

All parts of dome was taking with crane and assemble on pedestal. Picture show final component - shutter - taking place on the dome.

At last, you se whole location, surrounded by my fathers vineyard.

Exact location is 45y59' 01'' N 15 57' 01'' E 265 m above sea level, in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje




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