The Double Cluster NGC 869 / NGC 884 in Perseus


The Double Cluster NGC 869 / NGC 884 its known under the names Sword Handle, or as Chi-h Persei. With the naked eye it appears as a misty patch in the Milky Way, but in almost any telescope it makes a glorious spectacle.

Image obtained through a Megrez triplet Apo 80mm/480mm on Canon EOS 300D (3x5 minutes manualy guided on Losmandy GM8).

My old image (year 1996.) obtained through a C8 at f 6,3 with 5 min. exp. on Fujicolor super G+800. On the image is visible trails of the satellites.

(C) Copyright 1996 - 2022 by Andjelko Glivar. All rights reserved. This material may not be published in any form without permission.



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