M57 Planetary Nebula in Lyra


The famous Ring nebula M57 is supernova remnant.

Close-up view: Celestron 9,25 at f6,3, SXVF M8C CCD (22x60s, 10x120s), CGEM mount, QHY5 guider.


Composite LRGB image of M57 is obtained through a Celestron 9.25 at f3,3 and Celestron Pixcel 237 CCD camera (luminance 35x8 second , RGB 30x 8 second - 2x2 binning). Central star with magnitude 14,7 is challenge even for bigger amateur telescope.


LRGB image assembled of luminance image and RGB image in medium resolution of Pixcel 237 CCD camera (320x240, 10x7 second exposure each of RGB component). Processed in Photoshop.


Some of my first deep-sky image: M57 through a Celestron 8 on Kodak Gold 400 and exposed 10 minutes (1996).



(C) Copyright 1996 - 2022 by Andjelko Glivar. All rights reserved. This material may not be published in any form without permission.



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