M42 The Orion Nebula


The Orion Nebula is the brightest diffuse nebula in the sky, visible to the naked eye. At distance of 1 600 light years this is also a big object in the sky - 66x60 arc minutes, thus covering four times area of the full Moon.This cloud of gas and dust is a vast stellar nursery. Above M42 is NGC 1977,a reflection nebula called the Running Man.

M42 Exposed on January 15. 2012.; William Optics FLT98 Apo refractor, Field Flattener/reducer 0,8x IV, SBIG ST 8300C CCD, 7x5 minutes exp., CGEM mount, guided through EdgeHD 9,25 on QHY5.


Image below is obtained through a Megrez 80 triplet fluorite APO, TeleVue field flattener/focal reducer 0,8x and Canon EOS 300D (1600 ASA, 12 minutes of total exposure).


Wide field view image obtained through a telephoto lens 200mm/f:3,5 (piggyback shot - 20 min.exp. on Fujicolor super G+ 800) - three stars of Orion belt, Flame nebula and Horsehead nebula also visible.

Close-up image obtained through C9,25 at f6,3 on digital camera Canon EOS300D. Two images, 3 and 1 minutes exposure, manually guided, are combined in Photoshop - four stars of Trapezium is easily visible.

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