M33 The Triangulum Galaxy

The Triangulum galaxy also called Pinwheel Galaxy is small compared to its big apparent neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, but by this more of average size for spiral galaxies in the universe. It is outstanding in good binoculars, but as its considerable total brightness is distributed quite evenly over an area of nearly four times that covered by the full Moon, its surface brightness is extremely low.

M33 through Megrez 80 triplet fluorite Apo and TeleVue 0,8x focal reducer/field flattener.Imaged on Canon EOS 350D (800ASA, 4 x 5 minutes + 4 x 3 minutes, processed in Registar and Photoshop; September 2005).


Image of M33 obtained through a Celestron 9.25, (Meade Focal reducer/field flattener f3,3; Celestron/SBIG Pixcel 237 CCD camera; 33x20 second exposure for luminance layer, binning 1x1; 15x20 second each of the RGB channel, binning 2x2. Processed in CCDSoft v5).


Older image (1999.) obtained through a Telephoto Lens 200mm/f:3,5 with Pixcel 237 CCD Camera (300 sec. exposure, false color image, bad focus ;)

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