M31 The Andromeda Galaxy


The Andromeda Galaxy is the farthest thing visible to the naked eye. Distance from us is 2 300 000 light year.

Andromeda galaxy in full beauty! Obtained through a Megrez 80 APO, TeleVue 0,8x field flattener, Canon EOS 300D (800ASA, 2x600 second and 1x180 second ;January 06. 2005). Detailed image (580kb) combined of 10 images obtained during 2005. through Megrez 80 fluorite Apo you can find here (total 80 minutes exposure on Canon EOS300D - 60; and Canon EOS350D - 20 minutes).


LRGB image through a Telephoto Lens 200mm/f:3,5 with Pixcel 237 CCD Camera. Each RGB images are exposed 6 minutes, luminance 5 minutes.

Long, long time ago I take my first picture of M32 (1995.;): exposure was 45 minutes on Fujicolor super G+ 800 at f:6,3 on Celestron 8 (with bad polar alignment :).

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