M27 The Dumbbell Nebula


The Dumbbell Nebula was the first planetary nebula ever discovered. Distance from Earth is 1200 light years and from near one pole, it would probably have the shape of a ring, and perhaps look lake Ring Nebula in Lyra. Magnitude of central star is 13.5.

M27 image through a Celestron C9,25 at f6,3 on Canon EOS 350D (800ASA, 6x 180 second exposure).


Image taken with Pixcel 237 CCD camera and Celestron 8 working at f/3,3. Assembled in CCDSoft v5 and AIP for Windows (LRGB image: L component 18x20 second; Red 15x20 second; Green 15x20 second; Blue 15x20 second exposure).


Photography below is obtained through a C8 with focal reducer at f:6,3 and 25 minutes exposure on film Fujicolor super G+ 800.


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