M20 Trifid Nebula


Diffuse nebula M20 known as Trifid Nebula is famous for its three-lobed appearance. Image is region around M20. It consists of both a conspicuous emission nebula (red) and a remarkable reflection nebula component (blue - reflection of young star). At distance of 5 200ly, real diameter is 40ly. Above M20 is open cluster M21 (distance 4,250 ly, diameter 16 ly. below is peripheral part of Lagoon Nebula, M8.

Image obtained on July 20. 2011., WO Megrez 80/480 triplet fluorite APO, TeleVue 0,8x field flattener, SBIG ST8300C CCD, IR/UV Baader, CGEM mount, QHY5 guider. Exposure 9x360 second.

Above: Cropped image of M20.

Image is obtained through a Celestron 8 at f/3,3 and Pixcel 237 CCD. Luminance image was exposed 12x30 second, Red and Green 10x30 second and Blue component 15x30 second (year 2001).


Picture show M20 region and open cluster M21 in the upper left edge of this image. Image is taken with C8 at f:6,3 and exposure 20 min. on Fujicolor SGP 800 (year 1997).

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