M16 Open cluster associated with Eagle Nebula


This young open star cluster is 7000 light year from us and is surrounded by natal clouds of cosmic dust and glowing gas known as The Eagle Nebula.

My latest image of M16 obtained through Starlight Xpress SXVF M8C CCD, 8x180s binned 1x1, Megrez 80/480 triplet fluorite Apo, 0,8x TeleVue field flatenner,Celestron CGEM mount, guided with QHY5C and Skywatcher 70/500mm (17.07.2010) .


Image of M16 taken through a Megrez 80 triplet APO on September 18 2004. at Japetic Star Party. Piggybacked on Vid Nikolic C8 on HQ5 mount, Vid, Bobo and I, obtained this image of open cluster M16 and Eagle nebula.

Three exposures of 5 minutes through a Megrez 80 APO on Canon EOS 300D (800 ASA) are assembled in Photoshop.Autors: Vid Nikolic, Boris Stromar, Andjelko Glivar.

Composite LRGB image of M16 obtained through C9,25 at f3,3 on Pixcel 237 ( L 11x30 second average combine; red, green and blue: 15x20 second each, 2x2 binning).


B&W "close-up" image below is obtained with Pixcel 237 CCD camera, 300 second exposure on C8 at f:6,3 (manual guide with off-axis guider).

"Ordinary" image taken on film obtained through a C8 at f10 (20 minutes exposure on Fujicolor super G+800 - guided with off-axis guider - 1996 -97).

(C) Copyright 1996 - 2022 by Andjelko Glivar. All rights reserved. This material may not be published in any form without permission.



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