M13 Great globular cluster in Hercules

"View" on M13 ( September. 7. 2005) through a Celestron 9,25 at f6,3 (Celestron focal reductor) on Canon EOS 350D (800ASA, composite 1x120 and 4x30 second).


Wide field image of Great globular cluster M13 obtained through a Tele 200mm/f:3,5 on Fujicolor Super G + 800.

M13 through a telephoto lens 200 mm


Older image (1996.) through a C8. Exposure for this image was 10 min. on Fujicolor super G+800 at C8 ( f:10).

M13 on Fujicolor SGP 800

First night imaging with Pixcel 237 CCD camera (1999.) I capture this image. C8 at f/6,3 and 5 sec. exposure. Temperature of the CCD was -12 oC.

M13 CCD image


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