M1 The Crab Nebula


The Crab Nebula is the most famous and conspicuous known supernova remnant. The supernova was noted on July 4, 1054 A.D. by Chinese astronomers, and was about four times brighter than Venus, or about mag -6. According to the records, it was visible in daylight for 23 days, and 653 days to the naked eye in the night sky. The nebula consists of the material ejected in the supernova explosion, which has been spread over a volume approximately 10 light years in diameter, and is still expanding at the very high velocity of about 1,800 km/sec.

Image of M1 through a Celestron 9,25 at f3,3. Composite LRGB image is assembled of 20 x 20 second luminance component, RGB 12x20 second each channel (2x2 binning). Processed in CCDSoft v5.



Image is obtained through a Celestron 102mm/f:5 refractor on Pixcel 237 CCD cooled at -25C. Five images, each exposed 25 second, are aligned and combine in AIP for Windows software.

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