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NGC 7000

North AMerica Nebula


M45 Pleiades






Transit of Mercury - May 9. 2016

Last time we see it on year 2006 and next will be on November 11. 2019.  

Image is obtained through a William Optics refractor FLT 98/610 on Canon EOS 500D. Image below is captured in focus of Celestron EdgeHD 9,25. Mercury is small spot on the left. Real diameter of Mercury is 4 879km (for compare, Earth equatorial diameter is 12 756 km).


Partial Sun Eclipse March 20, 2015


Last Sun eclipse visible from Croatia till 2022. Maximum of eclipse was 58% percent of Sun disc.

Imaged through a refractor William optics FLT 98/618mm on Canon EOS 500D (200ASA, 1/320s).

Start of eclipse (image at 8:45 UT)

Maximum phase of eclipse (9:42 UT)

Near end (10:30 UT)

Image of eclipse assembled of 24 images taken during eclipse.


Venus Transit 06. 06. 2012.

Last Venus transit in century! Ten minutes after sunrise (03:16UT), I capture this image through WO FLT98 on Canon EOS350D.

04:28 UT

04:37 UT Third contact

04:43 UT

04:50 UT


Close-up through a Celestron EdgeHD 0,25. HD video recorded on Canon EOS500D is processed in Registax.


M42 The Orion Nebula


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My first image through a new WO refractor. Exposed January 15. 2012.; William Optics FLT98 Apo refractor, Field Flattener/reducer 0,8x IV, SBIG ST 8300C CCD, 7x5 minutes exp., CGEM mount, guided through EdgeHD 9,25 on QHY5.



I present my love to astronomy since 1996. As this was rare astrophotography site in Croatia. In 2002 I rename it to to give internet community knowledge about strong amateur community in Croatia.